About Me

As a Certified Personal Trainer with years of fitness experience, I believe in the power of balanced and sustainable fitness. Since getting certified in 2008, I've pursued a Bachelors in Kinesiology (BSED from the University of Virginia) to further my knowledge in the field of health and fitness. I have worked with a large range of the active population. Whether you're an athlete looking for that "extra edge" or a fitness "newbie" wanting to get started, I can help you.


"After I met Ezra and worked out with him, everything changed."

For residents of Central Virginia, I offer one-on-one, small group, and large group personal training. And I'm available worldwide for wellness consultation via phone, text, or e-mail. Whether we work together in-person or virtually, I specialize in helping you achieve results! I emphasize innovative programming that is fun, safe and effective. This means blending serious strength training with calorie-burning cardio and tying it all together with functional flexibility. This will improve aerobic capacity, increase muscle mass and strength, aid daily activities, and add to a sense of well-being through boosting self-esteem and that "can-do" attitude!

How to get Started

"Working with him has also been a stress relief..."

I offer complimentary, no-obligation sessions to new participants. This is a great chance to speak about your current situation and your future goals. Then I'll design customized workout routines tailored to your goals, your fitness level, and you preferences. I will help you develop healthy eating habits that willsupport your health goals. And I can also be available 24/7 for support, motivation, and accountability along your fitness journey. The results will astonish you!

To get started, email me at FunFearlessFitness(at)gmail(dot)com
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